First Immanuel Lutheran Church



Board of Trustees
Dimas Cuevas		
*Lyn D’Amelio		
Garry Gong		
Emmanuel Paquiz
Christy Adams

Visiting Ministry to the Home Bound
Glenn Duus		 
*Norma Gesso		
Harriett Glass  
Jean Hollenbeck
Lee Ann Visnapuu	  
Bob White
 Donnie White	  

Fix It Team
JR D’Amelio	
Dimas Cuevas	
Victor Fregoso
*Garry Gong
Lowell Marcus	
Juan Miranda	 
Marvin Pineda	
Dick Sontag	

                                Sunday School					Youth Group
                                Lyn D’Amelio				             Martha Gong	          	
                                Martha Gong					  Gary White		
                                Tatiana Pineda		

Altar Guild – Barbara Davenport, Alice Obermueller, *Yvonne Wagener
Dorcas Guild – Jean Schieber – President
Lydia Ladies – Martha Gong - President
Ushers/Elders – JR D’Amelio, Al DeMay, Paul Gesso, Garry Gong, Tony Montalvo, Glenn Duus, Dimas Cuevas, Francisco Herrera, Gary White

* Denotes the President or Ministry Leader