First Immanuel Lutheran Church



Psalm 96:1 ~ ~ “Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.”

Rehearsal Sundays 8:00 AM

If you love to praise the Lord with your voice, there’s a place for you in the Choir Loft in the Chancel Choir. We sing praises to our Lord on Sundays at our traditional, organ-led service at 9:00am, and other church festivals between September and June. Special musical selections are offered during the summer months.

Through its music of traditional Lutheran anthems, as well as other Christian music from different ages and styles, the Choir glorifies God and ministers to the congregation and each other.

So if you enjoy singing and warm fellowship, then come join us!
This is an open invitation for anyone, ages 18 and up.

Our congregation appreciates a wide range of vocal and instrumental talent. If you would like to sing a solo or play an instrument during worship, please let us know.

Our Pipe Organ

Our  Schlicker pipe organ was installed in First Immanuel in 1961.  The Schlicker organ company specialized in building organs in the classic German tradition of strong foundation stops, brilliant mixture upper work, and fiery reeds.  This organ is considered to be of moderate size, containing 31 ranks (over 2000 pipes) ranging in length from 16 feet in the Pedal division to ¼ inch in the Mixture ranks.  The cost of this organ in 1961 was approximately thirty thousand dollars.  Replacement in today’s market would well exceed one half million dollars.   E. Power Biggs, one the best known concert organists of his day, performed the dedicatory recital on this organ in 1961.  This organ is considered to be one of the finest pipe organs in Santa Clara Valley.